Thanks to the high participation in the Emotional Driving Book Challenge performed during the last 6 weeks, it has been collected 5,000 euros of collective donation toAESLEME (Prevention of Accidents that Cause Spinal Cord), organization key in the road safety Project. It was set that if among all the participants, they would achieve 5,000 points they would be translated into euros. By the end of the challenge, there were over 200,000 points collected.

Mar Cogollos received the check from Sonia Prieto, employee at Gonvarri and that, as the AESLEME’s General Manager, is also protagonist in one of the episodes of the Emotional Driving web series and writer of one of the book’s chapter.

To Mar Cogollos, this donation is an incentive in their daily work of raising awareness on road safety, in which they will invest it.