Susana Gato
Head of Corporate Responsibility

First of all, I want to thank Gonvarri Steel Services for the opportunity it has given me to include my grain of sand in this very positive and necessary initiative, Emotional Driving. Thank you for involving us and thank you above all for your commitment to road safety and people’s lives.

I remember very well the day the Ponle Freno logotype was presented at an internal meeting. That logotype gave form and life to the first of the corporate responsibility campaigns of the then Grupo Antena 3. After a number of years producing and broadcasting awareness campaigns about road safety, which were the group’s own albeit sporadic appeals, in 2008 the group took a further step and firmly committed itself in a long-term way to contributing to reducing accidents on our roads. Ponle Freno was born.

We are a communications company and as such we understand that we possess a powerful channel by which we can raise awareness, but above all by which we can mobilize and contribute to changing things and achieving positive and tangible results that help society progress. Since then, this has been the vision that has accompanied all of the actions related to Ponle Freno; it is the philosophy that has also extended to other corporate responsibility initiatives of the company and is the essence of the commitment that ATRESMEDIA has assumed with society.

Behind Ponle Freno, however, there is not only the firm wager of a large communications group such as ATRESMEDIA, or the enthusiastic work of a group of professionals who work every day to improve this initiative, but there are also hundreds of thousands of anonymous citizens, numerous experts in road safety and private and public bodies who from the start have backed us and guided our work and who have given meaning to the motto of Ponle Freno: “Together we can”. We never tire thanking you for your support; what is more, experience has shown us that only by uniting our efforts can we reduce the number of victims and injuries in traffic accidents.

And with this aspiration always present, Ponle Freno gives awards to those who work to improve road safety, organizes informational days, broadcasts campaigns to raise awareness, shares practical advice, is involved in children’s road safety education, points out black spots, publishes reports through the Centro de Estudios Ponle Freno-AXA and organizes the initiative that personally thrills me most: the popular and solidarity-oriented race, Ponle Freno. That sea of 20,000 people who year after year flood the streets of Madrid to run for road safety and remember the people who have unfortunately died in traffic accidents. I participate in that race every year; and every year, when I’m surrounded by those thousands of people, I’m aware that we are making those positive and tangible results we planned a reality; and that logotype which was presented in 2008 has now become a large social movement that belongs to all those who make road safety their cause and zero victims on the road their goal. To achieve zero victims, we will continue working tirelessly at Ponle Freno, because “together we can”.