Emotional Driving wants to raise awareness throughout society regarding road safety through emotional and positive values.


Our workforce completes more than 5 million automobile journeys a year. They have been the first addressees of Emotional Driving.

They have taken part in roadshows in our factories, experiencing road safety with turnaround simulators, trials and conferences.

They felt moved sharing messages about “their motivations to drive safe”, with the webseries composed by 4 episodes and with the official book of Emotional Driving: Thoughts to understand road safety with optimism.

In addition, they have learnt to drive safer by taking part in trainings on Road Safety.


Is there any greater motivation to drive safely and responsibly than your children’s and relatives thoughts? That is how the “Road Safety is also a child’s business” campaign was born. The children of company employees send motivational and positive messages to their parents’ mobile phones right before driving.

Youngsters and adolescents

Emotional Driving, in collaboration with Movistar, works in the interest of road safety focused on youngsters through the What Really Matters Foundation’s Congresses (WRM), organization that aims to promote the development and spreading of universal human, ethical and moral values.

Over 15,000 adolescents and pre-college youngsters attend annually these Congresses in Spain. Emotional Driving impresses, motivates and sensitizes them in the field of road safety.


Emotional Driving aspires to raise awareness amongst the youngest. Beginning with schools and educational centers in Madrid area and along with AESLEME (Prevention of Accidents that Cause Spinal Cord and Brain Injuries), Emotional Driving transmits the EDSchool campaign to these drivers of the future, reinforcing a yet pending subject at schools: road safety.

Based on positive and motivational messages and conferences at schools, hand to hand with AESLEME, we raise awareness amongst children and ask them to bring to their homes the Emotional Driving message.

Campaña “Te puede pasar®”, campaign of AESLEME,, aims to transmit children and youngsters how to prevent accidents, which are their main causes and what are the consequences of imprudent behaviors.

The town hall of Pozuelo de Alarcón, with the co-sponsoring of Emotional Driving and AESLEME, annually celebrates the Road Safety Contest for Children. More than 3,000 children from 15 different schools and educational centers take part in the categories of Drawings, Slogans, Layouts and WhatsApp on road safety with the common topic “Your emotional signs to improve road safety”.

Emotional Driving and social action

Emotional Driving would not be possible without:

What Really Matters is a foundation that seeks to promote the development and the diffusion of universal human, ethical and moral values to the public fundamentally through the development of cultural activities. Its main activities are the national and international congresses, national and international volunteering, speeches for companies or the publication of books, among others.

AESLEME (Prevention of Accidents that Cause Spinal Cord and Brain Injuries) and Emotional Driving share the same goal: awareness-raising and sensitization in the field of road safety. For such purpose, combine synergies focusing on children and youngsters, the drivers of tomorrow, by inculcating safe and respectful values. In addition, AESLEME hast actively taken part in the roadshows held at Gonvarri’s factories giving voice to the traffic accident victims’ collective and reinforcing the emotional component of the program.

Juan XXIII Roncalli Foundation
is devoted to improve the quality of life of adult people with intellectual disability. Emotional Driving has brought road safety to this foundation too.