Our Drivers

Company employees

Our staff make over 10 million car journeys per year. They have been the prime beneficiaries of Emotional Driving.

Motivated Drivers

Making children aware

Emotional Driving aims to raise awareness amongst our youngest citizens. Along with AESLEME, we have started by visiting the schools and education centers in the region of Madrid.

Future drivers

Road safety for the drivers of tomorrow

Emotional Driving, in collaboration with Movistar, address the youth at What Really Matters Congresses to motivate them in favor of road safety.

Road transporters

Our entire value chain

Our commitment to road safety focuses on contributing actively to minimize deaths and injuries caused by traffic accidents and to promote safer and more innovative roads.

People with functional diveristy

Sensitize and educate

Emotional Driving and Real Madrid Foundation work closely to educate people with functional diversity on road safety.

United Nations Global Compact

Sustainable Development Goals

Emotional Driving, aligned with Gonvarri Industries’ values and strategy, is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations Global Compact.

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