A history of commitment to society


Gonvarri, road safety and sustainability

For three decades, Gonvarri has understood road safety as a commitment to innovation, to society and to people’s lives. The ultimate goal that drives us, our great motivation, is to be able to collaborate so that cars and roads are safer and thus save lives.

Emotional Driving 2015-2020

Emotional Driving was born five years ago as an innovative project that urges citizens to drive safely through positive and motivating messages. It appeals to emotions and feelings; training, informing and raising awareness; and invites us all to reflect on a problem that is everyone’s responsibility.

Fellow travelers

The journey we began in December 2014 and the progress we have since made would not have been possible without the partners that have accompanied us. With them we share values, experiences, learning and, above all, a firm commitment to road safety.

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Every sign of gratitude, every smile and word of thanks is a spur and a reason to keep going.


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