A unique
Corporate Social Responsibility project

Helping to save lives through road safety is part of Gonvarri’s commitment to society, a commitment that it exercises through its Road Safety division by developing and improving road protection and containment mechanisms.

In terms of altruism, Emotional Driving is a unique example of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project developed by a company with a business-tobusiness (B2B) business model, i.e. companies that provide products and services to other companies.

This is a very complete and dynamic road safety program, given the wide variety of actions it has developed to date and the large audience it reaches. To achieve its goals, Emotional Driving has found a great ally in marketing, using the power provided by marketing techniques and tools to develop creative actions and campaigns that impact people’s lives and wellbeing.

The program combines the generation of experiences, sensations and feelings, along with stories and values, and all this, in an emotional/experiential audiovisual framework.

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