Motivated drivers

Emotional Driving aspires to make the youngest members of society aware of road safety. Along with AESLEME, we have started with schools and educational centers in the region of Madrid.

“Road safety is also a child’s business”

“What motivates you to drive safe?”
In the light of such question, we realized there is no greater motivation than our own children’s thoughts
and reflections to drive safe and with responsibility.

The birth of a campaign

Children of company employees send their parents motivational and positive voice messages through the mobile phone minutes before they drive their car back home.


Positive and motivational messages

Emotional Driving spreads the message of EDSchool campaign among future drivers, reinforcing a yet to implement subject at schools: road safety. In collaboration with AESLEME’s testimonies at schools and based on positive and motivating messages, we make children aware and, at the same time, encourage them to become ambassadors and take our message home.

Take part in it!

Have you attended the EDSchool talks at your school or educational center? Are you between the ages of 5 an 17?

Fulfill all the fields with your information and upload your picture to take part in the draw!

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