Emotional Driving

The road safety concept created by Gonvarri Industries to motivate everyone to drive safe.

A pioneering project

Road Safety

We decided to align road safety within our strategic goals. We understand it is unacceptable any life loss due to traffic accidents. Emotional Driving wants to minimize these figures in society and therefore we started focusing on our closest background: our employees and their relatives.

A history of commitment to society

Five years on the road

Emotional Driving was born five years ago as an innovative project that urges citizens to drive safely through positive and motivating messages. It appeals to emotions and feelings; training, informing and raising awareness; and invites us all to reflect on a problem that is everyone’s responsibility. Over the course of these five years, Emotional Driving has had a profound effect on thousands of people, in Spain and other countries, and has achieved spectacular results. Results that have contributed to saving lives. That is the most important thing. The only important thing.

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