Five years on the road

Five years of work, raising awareness, motivating, five years of recognitions and smiles.

Five years of road safety.

A history of commitment to society

Emotional Driving was born five years ago as an innovative project that urges citizens to drive safely through positive and motivating messages. It appeals to emotions and feelings; training, informing and raising awareness; and invites us all to reflect on a problem that is everyone’s responsibility. Over the course of these five years, Emotional Driving has had a profound effect on thousands of people, in Spain and other countries, and has achieved spectacular results. Results that have contributed to saving lives. That is the most important thing. The only important thing.


Emotional Driving Challenge

Even though some things do change, we still want to be your seatbelt.

A real project

One of the keys to Emotional Driving’s success in and out of Gonvarri is the project’s honesty and realism. This is a program that has really been created for society. CSR is full of varied and creative motives, because of the need for companies to show their solidarity. But in the case of Emotional Driving everything is real: we work for Road Safety with our products; we want to take care of our people, and Road Safety is a real risk that affects them; our people see it and believe it; it is our people who participate in our campaigns; and the results achieved are also real. They are not statistics, they are lives.

The final balance of these five years of Emotional Driving’s life is positive, hopeful and very gratifying to all of us who have been part of the project. What began as a modest initiative for the workers of the Gonvarri headquarters in Madrid, reaches today many thousands of people all over the world. Our workers have become ambassadors of responsible driving, and in addition, awareness raising campaigns have been introduced in schools, and are experienced with conviction by young people and road

We are aware that there is still a long road to cover and we will continue to work and build partnerships to reduce to zero the number of deaths and injuries caused by traffic accidents.

Fellow travellers

The journey we began in December 2014 and the progress we have since made would not have been possible without the partners that have accompanied us. With them we share values, experiences, learning and, above all, a firm commitment to road safety.

Por favor, gira tu móvil para navegar