Brazil: Road Behavior 2024

60% of the Brazilian drivers surveyed state that they have ever had distractions while driving that put them in danger, 83% of them recognize that the improper use of the cell phone is the main cause of distraction. 39% of Brazilians surveyed indicate that they use their phones while driving.

Distractions, cell phone use and overconfidence

These are some of the conclusions drawn from the study “Emotional Driving 2024: Brazil: Road Behavior”, prepared by Gonvarri and Marangoni. The study, conducted in 2024, gathers the opinions of more than 1,000 Brazilians between the ages of 18 and 70, car drivers.


On the roads you use, is there protection against fixed obstacles that have metal barriers/fenders?
In your opinion, could investment in lighting at locations where there are vulnerable road users reduce the number of fatalities or serious injuries?
Do you feel safe with obstacle and slope protection infrastructure on the outside of curves?
On the roads you use, do the bridges and viaducts have adequate protective barriers so that the vehicle does not fall after being hit?

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Video summary of the Emotional Driving Brazil Road Show, 21/23 May 2024

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