Sharing Partnerships
for Road Safety

The SERES Foundation (Sociedad y Empresa Responsible – Responsible Society and Company) promotes the commitment of companies to improve society with responsible actions aligned with the company’s strategy and generating value for everyone.

The SERES Foundation and Gonvarri Industries share a close working relationship that began in 2016. This closeness between the two entities is evident in the fact that Gonvarri has become a patron of our Foundation. In 2017, together we participated in the rsc2 project “Measuring the value of CSR for the company”, in collaboration with the McKinsey consultancy firm. We were thus able to measure and quantify Emotional Driving and calculate its return through the valuation of intangibles. The very clear result was a road safety program with great potential.

We are currently immersed in an exciting project led by the SERES Foundation and the Boston Consulting Group, which has been joined by various entities, including Gonvarri, who have combined forces to achieve the SDG 17 – Partnerships to attain the goals.

As organizations, we have an unavoidable commitment to society and we face a path full of challenges and a great opportunity to become engines of change. Let’s combine forces for a more sustainable and developed society!

At the time of publication of this book, we are working on a new methodology in collaboration with the SERES Foundation, called rsc3, which will allow us to carry out a strategic reflection on Corporate Social Responsibility in order to align the ompany’s purpose with social commitment.

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