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The Sustainable Development Goals are a manifest need for people and the planet and offer a unique opportunity for road safety. It is intolerable that 50 million people are seriously injured each year as a result of traffic accidents that could have been avoided. The good news is that for the first time road safety is included in the SDG at a global level, which is fundamental, because it communicates to society as a whole the importance of reducing road injuries, calls all organizations and individuals to action, allows us to make connections with such important things as the environment and health and, veryimportantly, recognizes the efforts of all of us who work to improve safety.

It is also necessary to emphasize the commitment of many companies, which demonstrate through their good practices a shared responsibility in the field of road safety. Their actions are essential to make progress in five vital areas: people, the planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships. These good practices include everything from making employees’ journeys safer, promoting safer and cleaner vehicles and using technology to eliminate driving distractions, to promoting active mobility in cities, among many others. Unquestionably, much remains to be done, but the truth is that more and more companies are committed, promoting truly inspiring, innovative and efficient initiatives, as is the case of Gonvarri and its Emotional Driving. And that is great news for everyone.

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