Innovation in storytelling,
one of the keys to the success of Emotional Driving

When we think of a vehicle, one of the concepts we like to hear most is innovation. This is a highly accepted, tangible value that can be applied to a more advanced engine, to more efficient consumption, or to a revolutionary design.

Cars are increasingly better, faster, more comfortable and, above all, safer. This last point is one of the aspects to which vehicle manufacturers worldwide devote the greatest effort. Because of this, we might conclude that road accident figures are on a downward trend in our society. Nothing could be further from the truth. The data from recent years is clear: we are not reducing road accidents.

All eyes are focused on one main cause: human error. We must follow the path of the improved vehicles and innovate in terms of awareness and the message we send to society as a whole. We must take action and motivate people, as Emotional Driving does, to be more responsible and drive more safely. Making our roads a safer place depends on us, the drivers!

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