Every sign of gratitude, every smile and word of thanks is a spur and a reason to keep going.

Over these five years, the Emotional Driving project has received a large number of prestigious national and international awards.

One of the most important, and which we have received with sincere pride, is the Ponle Freno Award given by Atresmedia in the category “Best initiative in occupational road safety” in 2019. This award, which is now in its eleventh edition of commitment to road safety, is the first major Corporate Responsibility initiative of Atresmedia, a platform for action promoted along with the AXA Foundation, whose mission is to reduce to zero the number of road victims, through numerous awareness campaigns and road safety education. Gonvarri’s CEO, Josu Calvo, collected the award at a ceremony held at the Senate Palace. In his speech of gratitude, he stressed Gonvarri’s commitment to road safety through its Emotional Driving program and its Road Steel business division for the development of road vehicle restraint systems.

Another outstanding acknowledgement is the case study on Emotional Driving published in the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) project PRAISE (Preventing Road Accidents and Injuries for the Safety of Employees). ETSC is an independent organization based in Brussels that works towards reducing the number of road deaths and accidents in Europe. It also provides impartial expert advice on road safety to bodies such as the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States. For Emotional Driving it is a privilege that such a prestigious organization has recognized this initiative. Under the title Managing Road Risks in the Workplace, PRAISE addresses the importance of raising awareness and sensitizing drivers on their commutes, their journeys in itinere. The case study aims to “promote the good practices of companies that are concerned about the safety of their employees”, and reviews all the initiatives and actions carried out by Emotional Driving, highlighting the differential value of its program: awareness and sensitivity through positive and emotional messages.

But beyond the physical award, what is really important, the real reward, is that these recognitions confirm that the work done by Emotional Driving makes sense, that it works, that it has permeated society, and that it is saving lives. That we are managing to change attitudes and habits in drivers, converting the old method of “learning by making mistakes” into a true culture of prevention, awareness and sensitivity to an avoidable tragedy.

Watch here all the awards.

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