Education and transmission of values
for the society of the future and the present

What Really Matters is a foundation dedicated to spreading ethical values among young people and, to this end, it organizes various cultural activities, most notably its conferences.

At the Lo Que De Verdad Importa Foundation, we work to promote the development and dissemination of human values, ethics and universal morals to the whole of society. And we do so by developing projects of various kinds: conferences for the transmission of values, training materials, conferences for companies, volunteering…

Among our star projects are the conferences on values that we hold in eight cities in Spain and also in countries such as Ecuador, Portugal, Mexico and Jordan, to name a few. We focus on communicating universal values such as effort, overcoming, optimism and solidarity to a very important audience given their decisive role in present and future society: young people between the ages of 17 and 20.

And what better traveling companion in this exciting journey of education in values than the collaboration between Emotional Driving and Movistar, and their program of motivation and training in road safety? We have been collaborating closely and fruitfully for three years, training in values, transmitting positive sensations and raising smiles.

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