An indisputable commitment
to society

Movistar is one of Spain’s biggest brands. Not only is it notable for its global presence, but also for the commitments it makes to society. It is in this desire to improve the life of the communities where it is installed that it coincides with Gonvarri, and both corporations have developed important joint projects. It is worth highlighting the three studies that have been carried out on the habits of Spaniards and Argentinians at the wheel, the aim of which was to obtain the most reliable record of our behavior on the road.

The relationship between Movistar and Gonvarri arises from the desire to improve people’s quality of  life through one of the commitments to society that both companies share: the intelligent and safe use of technology at the wheel.

Together, we have raised awareness among thousands of young people from all over Spain by sending them motivational messages on road safety at the What Really Matters conferences. Young people are the biggest consumers of technology today, so we believe it is vital that they learn that, although digital tools bring us countless benefits, it is essential to know how to use them responsibly and safely.

At both entities, we are aware that the mobile phone is the first cause of distraction at the wheel. The Emotional Driving project is thus a great partner to help us spread and reinforce the most important messages about road safety, as well as the importance of acting responsibly while we are driving.

This collaboration has taken a step forward with the goal of listening to society, learning its opinions and thus being able to offer a more personalized commitment. As a result, we have carried out three studies that gather the opinions of young Spaniards, Spanish society in general and, more recently, the perceptions and concerns of Argentine drivers, whose reflections make it clear that there is still much work to be done in the field of road safety awareness.

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