30 years working
to prevent injuries resulting from accidents

AESLEME is an association aiming to educate and raise awareness about mobilty related injuries in Spain. Its work raises drivers’
awareness about the hazards they face every time they take the wheel is of great value.

AESLEME and Emotional Driving share a long relationship. Our close collaboration goes back to the beginning of the road safety program developed by Gonvarri Industries and has always followed a very clear path: raising awareness through positive

Between 2015 and 2016, we participated as speakers in the road shows held in several of the company’s factories in Spain, training and raising awareness among hundreds of employees. Each and every one of us has many motivations to drive
responsibly and safely: our families and loved ones, friends, hobbies…

But our collaboration goes beyond that and since 2017 we have focused on a particularly important group: children aged 8 to 15, or as we like to call them, motivated drivers. We train this group to instill in them an awareness of responsibility at the wheel
from an early age. Furthermore, we make them reflect and encourage them, through the eyes of a child, to write and address motivational messages to their parents to get them to drive responsibly and safely. What better motivation is there than your child to help you correct your behavior and drive more safely?

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