May 20, 2022

Discover the second video of Emotional Driving at the Real Madrid Foundation’s Sport Values Academy

The second video of the project “Road Safety: A great Value” by Emotional Driving and the Real Madrid Foundation is now available on the Sport Value Acamdemy platform.
In this new video they explain how the training sessions of the sports and adapted soccer and basketball schools are developed, as well as the materials used in each of the sessions.

In this video, you can also meet Valorcito and Valorgol, the mascots of the project that encourage the students to perform and understand the training sessions in which they learn the tactical-technical contents, those related to road safety and the values that prevail in road safety: autonomy, cooperation, respect, etc.

As already communicated at the time in Emotional Driving present in the Sport Values Academy platform of the Real Madrid Foundation, this is the second video of the five that will be published and will show in detail the joint program that Emotional Driving and Real Madrid Foundation carry out, “Road Safety, a great Value”. From here we encourage you to go and watch a training session in person and, thus, enjoy these dynamic training sessions.

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