September 18, 2023

Emotional Driving with European Mobility Week 2023

European Mobility Week is celebrated every year from September 16 to 22. It is an awareness campaign of the European Commission aimed at raising public awareness of sustainable urban mobility and inviting all European countries and cities to join this initiative.

During the week, behavioral changes in favor of active mobility, public transport and other clean and intelligent transport solutions are encouraged through the organization of awareness-raising activities and events with local stakeholders. The theme chosen by the European Commission for this year’s 2023 campaign is “Energy Efficiency” and the slogan for this and future years will be “Mix and Move!”

Emotional Driving, as a result of its commitment to road safety and sustainable car use, adheres to this program in order to raise awareness among its employees and society as a whole about such important values as respectful, safe and responsible driving.

We work to motivate society as a whole to drive responsibly and safely through positive and emotive messages, joining efforts in favor of Goal 11.2, which calls for providing access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all and improving road safety, in particular through the expansion of public transport, by 2030.

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