November 3, 2021

Brilliant and emotional WRM Madrid onsite Congress before 1,800 young people

Last Friday, a crowded Congress Center in Madrid hosted an emotional WRM Congress, the fourth in 2021, onsite before 1,800 young people.

Emotional Driving had an outstanding participation with the projection of a new road safety awareness campaign.

Ousman Umar: he left Ghana at the age of 13. After crossing the Sahara on foot, and surviving two grueling journeys on a boat, he arrived in Spain at the age of 17. Today he has two degrees, a master’s degree and an NGO awarded by the UN. A clear example of overcoming and perseverance.

Álvaro Trigo: he survived a terrible fire. Today Álvaro carries out sports challenges in solidarity. A great example of self-improvement and generosity.

Carlos Morett: born in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Mexico City, he traveled to the United States to study filmmaking while cleaning toilets and sleeping on the streets to make his dream come true: to become a renowned film director and screenwriter.

Afganistán, historias de esperanza: thanks to journalist Antonio Pampliega we will be able to know the real stories behind the images that have shocked us all.


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