September 28, 2021

Emotional Driving present for the second time at What Really Matters Portugal Congress

Emotional Driving reinforces its presence in Portugal and, hand in hand with the What Really Matters Foundation (WRM), has transmitted for the second time its road safety message to more than 1,000 youngsters between 16 and 19 years old. This is a significant milestone for Emotional driving due to the company’s presence in Portugal and in Portuguese-speaking countries such as Brazil.

Emotional Driving had an outstanding participation with the projection of its road safety awareness campaign that culminates with the slogan “The best message, like the best driver, is the one that reaches its destination.

João Monteiro: a soldier in the Portuguese Army, serving in the “Refimento de Transmissões”, in Porto, shared his personal story of amputation of part of his left leg and will address the issue of inclusion, specifically in the Army.

Ágata Roquette: she has a degree in Nutrition and Food Engineering/Nutritional Sciences. She is the author of the books La dieta de los 31 días and Las reglas de oro de la nutricionista Ágata Roquette, published in Portugal and Spain. She tells us how bulimia affected her life and how she overcame it.

Rui Diniz: CUF Administrator and father of 5 children, he is also a promoter of the Inclusive Community Forum. He told how the adoption of his son (with a 99% disability) changed his family and professional life.

Emotional Driving will continue to spread its safety awareness and sensitization campaing during 2021 by participating in new WRM Congresses in Spain.

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