November 22, 2018

Real Madrid Foundation and Emotional Driving educate the most vulnerable collectives in road safety

The road safety project for disabled youngsters developed Real Madrid Foundation and Emotional Driving had its first two sessions yesterday.

Juan Llovet, corporate director of Conmunications y Sustainability, and Vicente Coz, general manager at Gonvauto Iberia, Jaime Santa-María, Marta Fernández and Juan Cruz de Pablo, accompanied by Silvia Montes-Jovellar, manager of the National Area of Real Madrid Foundation, and Gema Ortega, manager of the Training Area of the Foundation, witnessed the first sessions of adapted basketball at the Fernando Martín sports center.

The program will take place during the entire season at various adapted and inclusive schools. It aims to introduce concepts that are complementary to sports and the education in values. Thus, thanks to Emotional Driving, this collective will have a more developed and adjusted education in values and road safety that will improve their autonomy and social integration.

During the season, there will take place several sessions of adapted basketball and inclusive football in which the pupils will the chance to learn the traffic signals, how to cross properly a road or even be able to help other people in circumstances of need.

Over 300 people with different disabilities will be benefit from this program that will be supported and cheered by the Valorcito and Valorgol, pets that will be in charge as well of transmitting values and raising awareness in the field of values and road safety.

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