November 18, 2021

Download the new Emotional Driving App and become a more responsible driver!

The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims takes place on the third Sunday in November every year. Emotional Driving joins one more year this day of remembrance to pay tribute to traffic victims.

As a result of our commitment to road safety and our aspiration to motivate you to drive more responsibly and safe, we present the new Emotional Driving App, available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

We encourage you to download it on your mobile or tablet devices and rediscover its emotional audiovisual campaigns that will make you think on what motivates you to drive safe, the different training actions in values and safety for young people or the testimony of our fellow travelers, those entities without which the success of Emotional Driving would not have been possible. Together we can reduce the number of traffic accidents!

Don’t miss the new Emotional Driving App and get moved again!

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