January 8, 2021

Gonvarri and Emotional Driving support the dissemination of the 4th book of What Really Matters Foundation

Gonvarri and Emotional Driving collaborate in the dissemination of the IV book of What Really Matters Foundation, a book that educates in values such as self-improvement, optimism, humility or hope, and reminds us that what really matters is to see in every obstacle an opportunity to grow.

This publication, which begins with a prologue by Emilio Aragón, a musician and actor closely linked to the LQDVI Foundation, includes some twenty testimonies and accounts from extraordinary people who breathe and transmit values.

Gonvarri Industries has supported the WRM Foundation since 2014, collaborating closely with it in transmitting values to young people throughout Spain.

WRM is a foundation that aims to develop and spread human, ethical and universal moral values to the general public, mainly through the development of cultural activities. Its main activities are national and international congresses, national and international volunteering, talks for companies or the publication of books, among others.

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